A little ABOUT US

Endless Bit ICT Solutions Co is an Afghan company based in the Kabul that provides both products and consultancy services in a number of areas of information and communications technology (ICT). The company draws on the strengths of trading and consultancy in areas of ICT, and on the strengths of highly skilled and experienced personnel. Our products and solutions cover different areas of ICT that include Network Design and implementation, Website Design and Development, Database Development, Software Development, and CCTV solutions which address the needs of a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

Networking solutions

Website Development

Database Development

Software Development

CCTV Solutions

ICT Consultancy

Our Our Services

We provide the services which your organization may need, and our comitment is to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Networking Services

Endless Bit ICT Solutions Co is proud to have an experienced and talented personal which each one is expert in its day to day job with having preferable knowledge and certificates in networking industries. Our commitment is to develop an infrastructure for the client which satisfies them and shows the professionality of our work.

Website Development

Since each company needs to have a website to illustrate their products or services to their clients and to develop a professional website is a great challenge, so our company is committed to providing the best website design and development solution which can boost their business much more. We have assembled a great team of developers who have been working in different areas of website development and with different technologies.

Database Development

Endless Bit ICT Solutions Co has a solution for those businesses which struggle to store their data in a perfect manner and secure way, we will get their requirement and build a Database for them which can handle their workload and securely store their data for later use and generate reports for them.

Software Development

To have a well-structured organization in the 21st century is to have a centralized Database which can handle the heavy load of your job, but a database has to be maintained by software which will be an interface for the clients to work easily in it. Our company has a great solution for that by developing a web-based application with centralized capability.

CCTV Services

Security is a great challenge for each organization and to be secured from thief and attacker CCTV solution is one of the best ideas, we have partners who can provide best CCTV products and we have a great team to install and maintain it for our clients.

Consultancy Services

We as an expert team in different areas of Information and Communication Technologies can assist many companies who want to have a consultant to boost their business to the next level and also provide the solutions to their technical problems.

Why Choose EndlessBitICT

Our Main Goal is to deliver the best service possible to gain the satisfaction of our clients.

Satisfied Customers

The projects we have deliverd has satisfied the need of our clients.

Fully Responsive

We are responsive on the delivery of project.

Smart Work

We believe in smart work not hard work to provide the best outcome.

Easy to use

Our projects are mainly focused to easy to use.